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About Mistress

An introduction to Mistress Bailey

A classic knockout raven haired beauty, I am petite yet leggy, slender, VERY busty, and quite tiny with a taught athletic physique. I have long silky black hair, sparkling almond shaped eyes, pouty lips and a smooth tanned complexion. Always impeccably groomed; I wear tastefully done makeup to accentuate My natural beauty. My nails are always manicured, My toes are always pedicured and I'm always adorned with fabulous jewels and sexy lingerie.

I am well spoken, highly educated, and enjoy visually embodying the traditional, glamorous, femme-fatal. A true fantasy girl, I love to dress up. I compliment My seductive hourglass figure with an extensive fetish wardrobe including leather, latex, corsets, high heels, boots, gloves, stockings, pantyhose, vintage and designer clothing and underthings, uniforms, business attire and fantasy costumes.

I genuinely enjoy what I do and find it very rewarding. I love to laugh in sessions, and hope that everyone can be relaxed enough to make the most of our time together. I strive to provide an environment where we can explore and learn from each other. While I enjoy various scenarios which can range from light to extremely intense; safety is always my priority. I value my privacy as well as yours and discretion is always assured.

I have a wide range of interests, but particularly enjoy sadism, verbal humiliation, and (safely, consensually) pushing limits. Explore My website to learn more about Me, My favourite activities, and how you can apply to serve.

A Mistress should ensure her slave's balls constantly ache from a combination of keeping them full of cum, and regularly torturing them.

-- Mistress Bailey --

Sessions Offered

What you can expect of Mistress

I enjoy sessions that are creative and push the boundaries of your submission to me. Anything that puts you in a submissive, inferior role I enjoy. Email me for availability and session donations. My interests include but are not limited to the following.

• Adult baby

• Ball busting

• Biting

• Blindfold torture

• Breast worship

• Cock slapping/biting

• Degradation & humiliation

• Discipline

• Domination

• Edging

• Face sitting

• Face slapping

• Financial domination

• Foot, shoe, stocking worship

• Human furniture

• Leg worship

• Light bondage

• Light flogging

• Male chastity

• Nipple torture

• Panty worship / for sale

• Peggingn

• Prostate massage

• Puppy play

• Pussy / ass worship

• Role-play

• Scolding

• Shaving

• Sissy play

• Slave training

• Spanking

• Speech restriction

• Spitting

• Sugar-daddy

• Tease and denial

• Trampling

• Vibrator torture

• Watersports

... and more!

Sometimes the only thing as good as a good fuck is taunting you with the fact that it won't be you ever giving it to Me.

-- Mistress Bailey --

My Rules

Some rules, etiquette and courtesy

I enjoy sessions that are creative and push the boundaries of your submission to me. Anything that puts you in a submissive, inferior role I enjoy. Email me for availability and session donations. My interests include but are not limited to the following.

•  Your purpose is to please, amuse, serve and obey Me. This is an honour and a privilege never to be taken for granted

•  You are to address Me as "Mistress Bailey" or "Mistress."

•  You will arrive clean and well groomed for every visit with Me.

•  Mutual trust between us is essential -- you are trusting Me with your mind and your body and I must trust that you take care of yourself and are prepared to receive whatever I give you during our time together; therefore, you should be well-rested and properly fed and hydrated when I arrive for our session.

•  You must demonstrate good manners and proper etiquette in My presence at all times. This includes -- but is not limited to -- saying "Please" and "Thank You" whenever addressing Me.

•  After instructing you to disrobe I will leave the room. Upon My return you will be expected to greet Me properly. This requires you being on your hands and knees, then kissing the toe of each one of My boots or shoes once when they are placed in front of you.

•  You must always request permission to speak in the following manner: "Mistress, may i please have permission to speak?"

•  When spoken to, your replies should be immediate and honest. Never respond with what you think I want to hear.

•  Do not respond to My questions with the phrase "I'm sorry" -- it is not an "answer" or an excuse. Pay attention to what I say and be mindful of what comes out of your mouth.

•  I am not interested in scenes based around racist, religious, or ethnic-oriented abuse.

•  I am not available for lunch, dinner or “a drink.”

Just because you’re not allowed to feel My mouth doesn’t mean I want My skills to go to waste. Any cock will do - just not yours.

-- Mistress Bailey --

The nastier, crueler and more wicked I am to you, and the more I humiliate you... the more you will adore, worship, and love me.

-- Mistress Bailey --


Most commonly asked of Mistress

Here are some of the questions I commonly get asked – please read through them CAREFULLY – I will not entertain slaves who ask Me something that is already answered here. This only means you have not read everything you should about Me.

How do I address you?

I prefer the honorifics of Miss, Mistress, or Goddess. Miss/Mistress/Goddess Bailey is acceptable. Mistress Bailey is preferred.

Where do you conduct your sessions?

I prefer conducting My sessions from the comfort and discretion of My 4 or 5-star luxury hotel room, your hotel, or your residence. I travel with an exquisite collection of high-end accouterments that can magically transform any space into a decadent, kinky den of fantasy and fun.

How do I address you?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur.

How should I prepare myself?

Be prepared to present yourself in the best physical, mental, and emotional condition possible for Me. Make arrangements to ensure you will be punctual for our session, neither excessively early or even a minute late. Be freshly cleaned, neatly groomed, and ready to give yourself to Me completely for My exclusive use, entertainment, and enjoyment.

Do you accept wardrobe requests?

Yes, from heels/boots, office attire, leather/latex, or girl next door look. My "Gallery" page should give you an idea.

I can't take any pain. Will you still see me?

Of course, as long as you are respectful and sincere. I am extremely sensitive to energy and intuitively able to match and enhance My play partner's energetic frequency, wherever they may happen to be. I would estimate over half of My sessions involve little to no pain whatsoever and there are infinite realms to explore, experience, and enjoy that don't involve anything that hurts (physically, at least - growing pains in some form or another are always a natural, necessary component of transformation).

May I be your personal slave?

Personal slaves are selected from My existing stable of submissives. If you are interested in being considered for the position of being one of My personal slaves, you must demonstrate your sincerity and earn My trust over time.

I have a disability, will Mistress still see Me?

Yes, I am happy to see all types of people from all walks of life so long as you are genuinely devoted to Me. You MUST make Me aware of any disability / illness (even if you think it’s very minor) prior to our session.

Do you offer double sessions with other Dominatrices?

Yes. Fill out my application for more information on my colleagues.

I will keep you aching and desperate every hour of every day. I will tease and punish you until I find your breaking point. And then, I will break you.

-- Mistress Bailey --


Begin your submission below

This short application is required in order for Mistress Bailey to assess your suitability to serve. It will be treated in the strictest confidence and its contents will never be revealed to any third party. If you prefer, you may call or text Mistress respectfully and arrange an appointment.


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